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Temperature Controlled areas
 Feliway anti-stress technology
Double Door Secure Environment
Premium Cat Foods on the menu
Regular Veterinary Nurse inspections
24 hour emergency veterinary back-up
Sneeze barriers
Enrichment to stimulate all their senses
 Behaviour observation sheet per kitty
Each Cat has its own locker to store personal belongings

Outdoor Time

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All of our apartments (kennels) are half a meter wide and high and one and a half meters long. They are entirely made of glass with stainless steel doors at both ends. We have 27 kennels in our facilities that are serviced daily. Each apartment is furnished with a white pvc floor, a thermal vetbed, a soft blanket and cushion and an igloo to provide an additional safe place. Each cat gets a scratch pad, food and water bowls and a discreetly positioned litter tray.

Apartments and Facilities


Relax or Explore... that is the question

We have a sunny outdoor area that is safe and secure for the ‘sun lovers’ to enjoy. Weather permitting; your cat can have outdoor time as per your instructions. There will not be other cats sharing the outside play area at the same time as your cats as we do not advocate ‘socialising’ which could lead to stress or injury. Sometimes a cat who loves the outdoors at home is unable to relax in this unfamiliar environment and the smells and sounds become overwhelming. If it is clear that your cat isn’t enjoying it we won’t continue.

Happy Hormones 

We make use of the Feliway diffuser throughout the year. This is a plug-in diffuser similar to those used to diffuse liquid mosquito repellent. Feliway is a scientifically formulated hormone that mimics the pheromone released by your cat when it is feeling relaxed and secure. Very few stressed out guests do not respond positively to the feliway.

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Climate control

It is scientifically proven that 25 degrees Celsius is the most comfortable temperature for cats. We have a climate control system and try to maintain that constant temperature throughout the year. 

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