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Stylish Suburban Accommodation to suit the fussiest of felines.

Established in 2006 at a veterinary clinic in Port Elizabeth, Posh Cats has always been unique in that we provide luxurious accommodation in furnished glass apartments for your beloved kitty to feel safe and comfortable while you're away. Now situated in quiet, suburban Walmer, in the home of cat-loving owner and vet nurse, Liesl, your cat is guaranteed the same love and care it receives at home!

About the owner

Your cat's safety and well being is our utmost priority

Golden Rule: Vaccinations

All cats staying at Posh Cats are fully up to date with annual vaccinations. That means that every cat has been for a check-up and vaccination by a registered Veterinarian within the last 11 months. It is your responsibility to see that this is done and to provide proof, in the form of a vaccination booklet. This is to ensure that your cat is not at risk of being exposed to or bringing in contagious diseases whilst in my care.


No guests will be admitted without this proof.


I reserve the right to admit guests into isolation or take to your vet should they present with any symptoms that could comprise the health of other guests.

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Posh Cats Cattery

101A Prospect Road, Port Elizabeth

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